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BOX PTF-1-EXT / PoE is an external surge PoE IP with the highest possible degree of protection for the safeguards of network devices exposed to a large extent on the effects of lightning, etc.
The device has KRONE connectors and RJ-45, so it is possible to connect any cable infrastructure configuration.

Extreme Series is the latest solution in the form of a super-high-speed circuit breakers, performed in MOSFET technology. They provide a very low electrical resistance during normal operation, so it does not cause any loss in LAN system.
When the current flow is controlled by the intensity and rise above the predetermined value, the input circuit automatically disconnected from the output circuit at the time of maximum 1us.
This ensures complete isolation of the physical layer of the LAN cable to the time when the risk and results in faster build up of strain on the elements of protection, allowing faster reaction takes place on the resulting surge. Time surge can last continuously for any length of time and after his resignation electrical connection is automatically restored within 1us.
This design significantly increase the efficiency and speed of tripping and contributes to its very high resistance to damage.

Protection is to suppress the shock pulse high power, resulting in relation to earth (gas tubes), and pulse induced between pairs of UTP wires during discharge. These pulses have a destructive effect on the Ethernet interface drivers, despite the use of galvanic insulation used on the hardware layer.
Are used to power pins 4,5 and 7,8, which are connected together in order to increase the current flowing through the protection system. Due to the limited power decoupling resistors, the maximum power to the equipment should not exceed 15W at 48V. Decoupling resistors protect the safety components from damage in the event of an overvoltage a longer time and allow for gradation of security.

Technical Specification:

Level protection
3 (Gas tube, Fuse MOSFET, Transil)
Capacity line- line
6-8pF @ 0V, 1Mhz
Capacity line-ground
< 1pF
Level protection line-line
6V-1kV, 20V @ 100A , 8/20uS
Level protection line-ground 90V-4kV, 2~4kA, 8/20uS Vc
Maximum voltage Uc
Maximum power 8/20uS (line-line)
Maximum voltage line-line
Line PoE
Level protect
2 (Gas tube, Transil)
Level protect line-line for PoE 10/1000uS 600W / 100A, 10/1000uS
Maximum voltage Uc of PoE 58V
Level protect line- ground
90V-4kV, 2~4kA, 8/20uS
Mazimum voltage line-ground
Standar work PoE IEEE 802.3af mode B
Connectot input (line) RJ-45+ Krone
Connector output (device) RJ-45+ Krone
Socket ground
Dimession 114 x 114 x 57 mm

Catalog Ewimar 2017 English

Prekių katalogas Ewimar 2017 Angl.

Atsisiųsti (1.21M)

Ewimar The company started its activity in 2011.
Since then, we have been designing and manufacturing electronic devices from a broadly defined security industry. With passion we create and introduce innovative projects constantly expanding our business.Ewimar Sp. z o.

Current offer includes:

• CCTV Connection Panels

• CCTV Surge Protection

• Video Separators

• IP Protection Systems

• Caro Access Control

• AV-LiNK Radio transmission

• PTZ Protocol Converters

• MUSB Mouse Extension

• RS485 Equipment

• Microprocessor based automation controllers

Our goal is to provide individual, reliable and complete system solutions for specific areas of security industry.

We employ high-class engineers who are constantly working on improving the available products and creating innovative solutions. While the Sales Department specialists constantly improve their qualifications and thus support the sales processes of Business Partners both in the country and abroad..We remember, that at the same time, all of our solutions should be easy use and facilitate the work of installers.
Reliability, intuitive handling and style of our products cause appreciation of their users.

It is also important for us to protect the environment, so we are trying to use energy and materials as efficiently as possible in our technology processes.
With modern machinery, we are able to mount PCB using SMD with an option of THT elements orking closely with our clients we are guided by the principles of fairness and partnership to achieve common success.
Working together, we are always open to suggestions and comments of our customers, which may affect the improvement of
our solutions to meet individual requirements.  

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