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IP / LAN lightning protectors.

PTU and PTF series surge protectors are modern solutions dedicated to protect LAN against overvoltage, lightning discharges and against deliberate attempts to immobilize the system.
They can be used to protect overhead lines between buildings, in LAN systems and to protect connections between switches in systems based on twisted pair cables, both CAT5 and CAT6.

Our offer includes devices in single and multi-channel versions. They may be used in simple and complex CCTV systems -  protecting IP cameras and NVRs before extensive damage.
Using PTF and PTU protectors, besides benefits described above, can protect against the greatest threat - damage to the switch, which can result in a lack of recordings continuity.
Surge protection new series  AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI and TurboHD, this solution dedicated to the protection of the CCTV system equipment new generation. The device dedicated to HD-SD is backward compatible, because of to the most rigorous requirements. Lightning protection with series HD-SDI are available in single and multi-channel, for the coaxial cable and UTP so that find use in a number of simple and complex systems.
 Device places in the category protection camery, DVRs and other equipments CCTV from effects of and lightning as well as intentionally trials immobilize the system.
A new series of surge protectors for both is equipped with most modern technological solutions dedicated overvoltage protection. In order to ensure a high level of protection, applications to fundamental fuses MOS-FET for a short time immediately disconnect the protected circuit. 
Devise can be equipped with protection track power
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