Apexis Baltic, MB specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of professional video surveillance systems. We focus on businesses needing reliable, high-definition video surveillance solutions, whether integration of such systems with security systems, perimeter security, or access control. Throughout the company's accomplishments, we have carried out projects of various sizes both in Lithuania and in other EU countries. We have gathered extensive experience in the field of video surveillance systems. Our surveillance partners: Mobotix, AXIS, Hikvision and DAHUA surveillance systems.
Our services delivered to logistics companies, warehouses of various size and purpose, beauty centers and salons, shops, pavilions, construction sites, schools and kindergartens, multi-dwelling houses, private houses, parking lots.
We accept non-standard projects; we love challenges and opportunities for our improvement. We are launching a 2,4Ghz 5 GHz wireless AirMax network in remote buildings with no network infrastructure.

We do not aim to be cheaper in this competitive and ultra-small market. Our goal is to provide the customer with the ultimate solution that brings him security, peace of mind and lasting years of continuous work.

We provide following works / services:

• Design of video surveillance systems.
• Installation / integration of video surveillance systems.
• Maintenance of video surveillance systems.
• Installation / rental of hidden video surveillance systems.
• Installation of mobile video surveillance systems in vehicles.
• Installation of semi-autonomous LTE surveillance systems for construction sites.
• Integration of video surveillance systems with perimeter protection.
• Integration of video surveillance systems with security systems.
• Integration of video surveillance systems with entrance control.

• Number plate recognition integration in carparks, private yards. 
• Design, installation and maintenance of access control systems.
• Installation of fire, security and perimeter protection systems.
• Design, implementation, modernization and maintenance of telecommunication networks.
• Installation and maintenance of wireless AirMax network design.
• LTE Internet installation in remote areas or facilities.
• Implementation of professional digital display (Digital Signage).
• Fiber optic network design, installation and maintenance.
• Fiber optic cable welding with FUJIKURA fusion splicer.
• Installation of optical workstations, installation of server cabinets and installation of active and passive network equipment.
• Cabling all types of cable over communication channels, trays, ladders.
• High site rigging services.
• Electric and lighting works.

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